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May 3, 2014 6:00am PDT
should be pushing tougher sanctions on russia over ukraine. >> and the price of oil has fallen below $100 a barrel for the first time in three weeks. analysts say it's a sign of more to come. today the price of gas has reached a state average of $4.25, down a fraction from the day before. one analyst said prices on the west coast could fall to as low as $3.80 a gallon by july as long as there are no interruptions in supply. >>> california is planning to double the number of hydrogen fueling stations by 2015. new stations are planned in many areas. there is just one now, in emeryville. there are currently about 230 fuel cell cars in california but honda, hyundai and toyota say they plan to market the cars in california within two years. now an update on three bear cubs rescued around lake tahoe. one was found injured at the heavenly ski area a couple months ago. thanks to expert medical care and a lot of good food, all three cubs are doing well now. abc7 news anchor dan ashley with the return to their wild this morning in the assignment 7 report. >> if you want to rescue bear cubs, you bet
Apr 28, 2014 6:00am PDT
in 1950. president obama says the united states will add new sanctions on russia targeting the russian defense industry wrapping up the tour of asia with a stop in the philippines. in a news conference, obama said the sanctions are in response to russia's failure to uphold an international accord aimed at stemming the crisis in ukraine. >> coming up, the mother arrested over the weekend after police say she confessed to a violent crime against her own child. >> new details of a team who hid as a stow away to hawaii. >> a look outside at one place you want to think about going when things start to heat up and we see temperatures in the 90's. in every life, there are when you know, you know. the all-new volvo v60 sportswagon. the s60 sedan and the xc60 crossover. test drive one today. model year end sales event. the s60 with 0.9% apr and up to $2500 in allowances. >>> we are back at 6:40 on this monday. the sun is so bright we had to turn the camera away. it is hazy. it is not a "spare the air" day with pollution low. grass pollen is moderate and mold is low even with the rain. padres ar
Apr 26, 2014 6:00am PDT
growing between the u.s. and russia over ukraine. now new sanctions backed by president obama could begin as soon as monday. abc's senior washington correspondent explains the importance of this action. >>> plus, prom day tragedy. an honor student stabbed to death on come puts just hours before the big dance. was she murdered by a boy who she rejected as a date. and the incredible rescue to save a father and son after they get lost hiking in the mountains. the helicopters flying in to save the day today. the heroes explaining how they did it. a lucky family. all that and more coming up. >> they were looking for an adventure and they got it. >> they got one, yeah. >> four square founder has apologized for helping his wife run the marathon with a fake number. after least year's attack security was increased to keep fake runners away from the course. a few snuck in, including a new york fashion writer married to four square fashion writer dennis crowley on the right. she said the two were separated during the becoming last year. they wanted to finish together this year but chelsea could not
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3